Did you know that body image and our perception of our body size plays a role in both our mental health AND physical health?

When we feel that our body is "bad" or unhealthy due to its size or shape, it affects all aspect of self care and health. 

Unlike the many messages from diet culture, feeling bad in our body does NOT motivate us to make healthful changes to our habits. 

Diet culture tells us that weight loss can help improve your client's body image but the science is clear- bad body image isn't size specific AND weight loss does nothing to improve it. The traditional message that a smaller body will bring health and happiness is flawed and does not improve body image in the long run. In fact, the pursuit of a better body image through dieting and weight loss generally leads to poorer health & wellbeing and increases preoccupation with body and food.

You likely were not taught how to help clients navigate body acceptance despite it being an influence over their food choices, movement habits and overall wellbeing. BUT DON'T DESPAIR. You can learn how to support clients in feeling better in their current body.

Whether you are practicing in private practice, in a clinic, a CLSC or a hospital- helping clients feel better in their current body will not only set you apart from other practitioners but greatly improve your client's health. 

Come learn how to find your way through complex yet important conversations with clients about body image. 

Discover new ways and tips on how to navigate these conversations with clients, activites clients can do to improve body image and feel more confident to help your clients achieve better overall wellbeing.

Presenter: Lisa Rutledge, RD www.LisaRutledge.ca

What to expect: In a 2 hours presentation, Lisa will address why body image work with clients is important, how to explore body image with clients, and activities to suggest to clients to help them move towards better body acceptance. Topics will include:

  • the science behind why weight & health are not linked, why it is OK to step away from support for weight loss to improve health and body image, and how the focus on weight loss makes it harder to improve body image
  • questions to ask to probe client's on where they stand with their body image issues
  • psychoeducation topics to consider in sessions with clients
  • hands-on activities to do with clients to explore body image and work on how to improve it

After this workshop, you should feel more prepared and supported in helping clients explore body image and work with them to move from body shame/hate towards body acceptance.

Purchasing this webinar includes:

  • Access to a video of the powerpoint slides presented (the exact length of time varies between presentations). If the presentation was recorded live, the Q&A session with the presenter is also included. You have access to this presentation for 1 year. 
  • A copy of the slides presented.
  • An accompanying bonus documents prepared by the speaker.
  • Links to articles, websites and organizations mentioned in the presentation.


Lisa Rutledge, RD