"Diet culture" is something we hear about often these days. But what is it? why can rejecting it improve my health and happiness? How can I start to break free from it?

We are told daily that improving our body will improve our life.

If you are among the millions of people who are frustrated with focusing on weight loss for health and wellbeing, you are not alone. Our culture is wrapped up in messages of eating less, cutting out foods, and exercise to solve all our health problems. However, health and wellness are not that simple (thank goodness for that!).

Studies show that feeling unhappy with our body size (no matter what size it is) actually leads to poorer health. Trying to manipulate our body to be the size we desire (whether it be for health or other reasons) comes with some hefty consequences.

If you find yourself swinging between dieting and overeating, or feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of food and exercise, or eating in secret, or feeling ashamed of your body- these are all consequences of dieting. These are normal, human reactions to restriction to food and lack of variety of foods.

Despite what diet culture says, we cannot “easily lose weight and keep it off” and health is not “simply eating well and moving as much as possible”. Our body and health are far more complicated than that!

BUT there is hope to feeling happier and being healthier!

And it has nothing to do with the traditional and tired messages of “eat this, not that” or “calories in vs calories out”.

Join a refreshing conversation about diet culture (what it is, why we should get angry about it), and discuss how body acceptance and intuitive eating can play a role in your health and happiness.

Presenter: Lisa Rutledge, RD www.LisaRutledge.ca

Lisa is a non-diet dietitian and mindful eating expert. Her passion is to support clients who are struggling to ditch diets, feel better in their body and rediscover joy & peace with food and eating. She is a private practice dietitian working in-person with people in Montreal as well as virtually. Lisa also works with people and health professionals in her online mini e-courses.

What to expect: In a 90 min presentation, Lisa will:

  • discuss what diet culture is and why rejecting diet culture is important 
  • explain why the current way to talk about health, weight, body size and food is deeply flawed and leads to poorer health. How to spot diet culture and it's lies.
  • go over ways to feel happier and healthier without persuing dieting or weight loss
  • discuss how to feel better in your current body (without having to wait for weight loss to happen)
  • describe the basics of intuitive eating and how it can be used to combat diet culture

Purchasing this webinar includes:

  • Access to a video of the powerpoint slides presented (the exact length of time varies between presentations). If the presentation was recorded live, the Q&A session with the presenter is also included. You have access to this presentation for 1 year. 
  • A copy of the slides presented.
  • An accompanying bonus documents prepared by the speaker.
  • Links to articles, websites and organizations mentioned in the presentation.


Lisa Rutledge, RD