Join me in understanding why weight loss is not the cure-all we were promised AND what to recommend instead. This webinar includes an overview of the most pivotal studies in weight science history; why focusing on weight to improve health backfires; how and why weight loss recommendations have fallen short; a resource guide for learning more and self-study.

The science is clear, losing weight to improve health and happiness DOES NOT WORK.

Dieting and weight loss do not cure diseases and certainly do not make us happier in the long run. Not to mention the fact that there is no proven way to help people keep the weight lost off for longer than a year or two. The result? Weight yoyoing, frustration and poorer health (both mentally and physically). 

BUT there is GOOD NEWS. We DO have the answer to health and happiness, although it may not be what you have been taught. Focusing on what we do rather than what we weigh, has been proven to improve health and wellbeing. Too often the things we do to lose weight have been overlooked as the causes of better health - meanwhile, weight change has been erroneously credited for improved health.

In this presentation, you will hear about the most important and pivotal studies in the realm of weight, weight loss and health. You will be presented the facts on how biology and psychology play a role in weight regulation. You will be invited to explore an alternative to dieting and weight loss for improved health and happiness. Weight stigma and its effect on our health and a brief overview of the Health at Every Size paradigm are included. Tips on how to have tough conversations with clients as well as an overview of the red flags you may hear in client conversations are provided. You are also encouraged to expand your knowledge on weight inclusive care with important resources cited.   


Presenter: Lisa Rutledge, RD.

The presentation was originally recorded in October 2018. 


Some topics discussed are: 

*Challenging popular beliefs: for example, the myths that, on a populational level, weights have skyrocketed; that weight loss leads to better health and that body fat is the cause of many health conditions.

*Exploring how causation and correlation have been confused when interpreting weight science

*What determines body weight and our health

*An exploration of the appetite regulatory system and how dieting affects it

*Why weight regain happens

*Weight yoyoing and it's dire consequences on health

*Fatphobia: what is it? why is it harmful? what does it look like?

*A tiny introduction to Health at Every Size (tm)

*Resources for yourself as well as your clients to learn more about weight science, intuitive eating and HAES


This is perfect for you if:

*You are looking to better understand why diets don't work

*You feel icky colluding with diet culture in consultations with clients but aren't sure what to say

*You are working (or studying to work in) healthcare or a coaching profession (example: dietitian, nutritionist, fitness trainer, physio, occupational therapist, psychologist, nurse, doctor, art therapist). If you are working with people who want to lose weight, be healthier, manage a disease or feel better in their body, this is for you!

*You are looking to connect more deeply with clients regarding their health and wellbeing. 

*You would like to become a more informed non-diet or weight inclusive advocate and want to know the science to back up your arguments

Please note that the principles of intuitive eating are not discussed in this presentation. 


What can you expect:

*Access to a video of the 100-minute presentation. You have access to this presentation for 1 year. 

*A copy of the slides presented.

*An accompanying document prepared by the speaker with all the references and articles mentioned in the presentation (this is a presentation about the science, after all!)

*Links to articles, websites and organizations mentioned in the presentation. 


Here is an example of what the video will look like:

screen capture of the video

The slides presented with the accompanying audio of the presenter speaking.



Here is some feedback from people who have participated in this presentation:

"Lisa is passionate about her work and it really shines through in her presentations. Having recently gotten bit by the Health at every size and intuitive eating bug, I truly appreciate having a skilled dietitian like Lisa to offer us a helping hand and guide us through the tough challenges of being a dietitian in a job based in diet culture!"


"C'était intime et si accessible. Belle rigueur scientifique. Contenu hyper pertinent & concrètement pour la pratique."

(translation: [the presentation] was intimate and accessible. Great scientific rigor. Hyper-relevant & concrete content for practicing [nutrition])


"I appreciated the simplicity & relevance of the information."


"A mind blowing event that solved a lot of questions that cannot be solved purely by going to nutrition courses in university."


"Lisa and the presentation were very dynamic" 


Lisa Rutledge, RD